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Give lasting joy

100% plastic-free

Wildflower seeds

Handmade in Berlin



The seed bombs of clay, soil and seeds are the classic in guerrilla gardening. Skilfully thrown, they make grey cities a little more colourful, but are also suitable for the home flower pot or garden. The ball soaks up when it rains or irrigates, the seeds start to sprout and soon it begins to bloom.


Our creative novelty for gardeners in the city as well as in the country. The small pills are made of cellulose and are filled with seeds and plant substrate. When in contact with water, the shell gradually dissolves in the spirit of the "ZeroWaste" idea, the seeds remain on the ground and begin to sprout.

Gifts for guests

No matter if wedding, baptism or birthday, with our Seedbombs you give your guests a blooming memory of your festive day. Starting from an order quantity of 50 pieces you can customize the labels of your gift for your special occasion.

How does it work?


Throw or place the Seedbomb or Seedpill on a patch of soil. You can also plant the Seedbomb in your garden, on your balcony or in a flower pot.


When irrigated or when it rains, the shell of the Seedbomb or Seedpill dissolves, the seeds are distributed and begin to sprout.


After a few weeks the first seedlings appear. The best time to cast the seedbombs or seedpills is in spring and autumn. However, some varieties take several months to flower.

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